The Puppies Take After Their Mom

What breed is she? Katie is a mystery to us as far as the breed goes.  She is short-legged and very stocky built.  I just thought she was over fed, but it appears her puppies have all the same traits.  They are short-legged and will have a dense undercoat, and they are very plump. Actually, one looks like a bulldog –but I doubt if that is actually their breed.  Regardless–they are adorable and have started eating and drinking on their own.  They still have a couple weeks to go before they can be adopted–so it should be close to Christmas.  The picture was taken a week ago—Will share another updated on soon.

More room is coming!

More excitement on the farm.  We are building a new kennel for all the dogs at 12 Hills.  I am told that 10 kennels will fit on the south. they will have dog door with outside kennels.   The floors will be heated, so the dogs should be comfortable all winter.  Hoping to get it finished and the dogs moved in before the weather turns bad. These are pictures of the progress.