More Adventures of Bonnie and Clyde

What a pair–and may-be the title should be the mis-adventures of Bonnie and Clyde.  They have quite a story to begin with and it seems to get more interesting the older they are. A Deputy Sheriff had gone to a residence to check on a reported case abandoned dogs.  After looking around he found 2 little emaciated puppies starving in the collapsed pool.  If some water hadn’t been there, they probably would have died.

The puppies were brought to 12 Hills Dog Rescue and were given special care to get them back on their feet.  We named the puppies Bonnie and Clyde, because their adventure turned into a disaster.  We have been caring for them for the past few months and hoping that they would find the perfect home.  We thought that the perfect couple had come along, but after 3 days they decided that Bonnie was too shy and would require too much special care to reabilitate her.  Of course we took them back and both Bonnie and Clyde are back in their kennel tonight–and happy to be home. Maybe they weren’t quite ready to go out into the world–but it won’t be long.  We know that both the puppies are shy and their growth has been stunted due to the severe neglect they encountered.  We will continue to work with them—loving them until they find the perfect family that will love them and help them fully recover.  It has been a long road, but both Bonnie and Clyde are very special and we hope their next adventure is their forever home.

One thought on “More Adventures of Bonnie and Clyde

  1. It is a little hard to take pictures of Bonnie and Clyde. They are moving all the time when we are in the Big Kennel. Clyde is getting some weight on and we are still working on Bonnie. Both are happy doggies.

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