Not More Puppies!!!!

Now I love puppies probably more than the average person, but enough is enough. Cannot believe all these puppies in the winter months. This week we got in from the local animal control a shepherd mix female and 5 cute little 6 week old puppies.  An adorable Australian cattle dog female puppy around 10 weeks was picked up.  Today a Chow/Lab mix Momma( that was picked up this week)  had 5 new babies.   So that makes 11–and add that to the other 3 (Bootsie, Maggie Mae & Cracker)–we now have a grand total of 14 puppies. 14 puppies to find good loving forever families.  That is besides all the other young and adults dogs we have waiting for families.  Get the word out—we need families for our doggies.

Well, not to complain–We do love our doggies—young and old, but it makes me even more aware of the need for that free Spay and Neuter Clinic we are hoping for this summer.  We just hope that it will happen and that it will help the dogs in our community.


Last week was one of those —I can’t believe it weeks.  12 Hills was called to get 4 little puppies from underneath an abandoned mobile home.  The mother had been taken into the pound and the puppies were left behind.  The first 2 were easy to catch–and so they were brought here, given the royal treatment and placed in a warm place to recover.  The last 2 were stinkers to catch–neighbors tried, Brenda (assistant at 12 Hills) tried, but to no avail.  Everyone hoped that the food and treats would help them to trust people a little more.  Nothing happened–then finally on Thursday –there they sat–perfectly still waiting to be rescued. They were scooped t up and brought them out to be with their brothers.

The next day it turned very cold, and they probably wouldn’t have survived.  Thanks to caring people and answered prayers—-they are safe and sound with the rest of the gang.

Here is a picture of them receiving their first bath.

I Came In For This??