Last week was one of those —I can’t believe it weeks.  12 Hills was called to get 4 little puppies from underneath an abandoned mobile home.  The mother had been taken into the pound and the puppies were left behind.  The first 2 were easy to catch–and so they were brought here, given the royal treatment and placed in a warm place to recover.  The last 2 were stinkers to catch–neighbors tried, Brenda (assistant at 12 Hills) tried, but to no avail.  Everyone hoped that the food and treats would help them to trust people a little more.  Nothing happened–then finally on Thursday –there they sat–perfectly still waiting to be rescued. They were scooped t up and brought them out to be with their brothers.

The next day it turned very cold, and they probably wouldn’t have survived.  Thanks to caring people and answered prayers—-they are safe and sound with the rest of the gang.

Here is a picture of them receiving their first bath.

I Came In For This??

One thought on “WHAT A WEEK IT WAS!!!

  1. What a week this was! Puppies are still in there itchy mode and it always seems to take forever to get them back on their feet and ready for their new homes. I guess I am being impatient. It just takes time and more time.

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