The Wanderer

There she was, waiting to be picked up.  She had been staying at a neighbor’s farm for 2 weeks. Pretty dog–a large dog—-where did she come from??

Now she is here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue, waiting for her new family.  She is one pretty gal, with a reddish black coat and strange golden/green eyes.  To top it off, she has the most sparkling white teeth we have ever seen. We named her Jade, because of those eyes.  She loves to be petted and hugged, and sits quietly beside us with her head on our knee.

Here is Jade!

Was she dumped, or did she wander off from her family?  So far, no one has called to claim her.

So, we have decided to put Jade on the adoption list at and hope that a great family comes forward to adopt her. Well, one has come forward and they want to be her forever family. We are so happy for Jade and her new family!!!!

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