This Makes Me Crazy!!!!

The sickest and saddest incident happened a week ago.  Chuck was on his way to Sioux City with a dog to be spayed, and a women in a blue (older type) van, stops on the highway and dumps out 2 dogs.  ON THE HIGHWAY—WITH CARS COMING FROM 2 DIRECTIONS!  One care took the ditch to avoid hitting the dogs, and Chuck swerved to miss them and the car.  A 2 car accident almost happened.  He called and told us about the dogs and asked us to go try and save them from being run over.   45 minutes later they were loaded up and ready to bring home to 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

It was very obvious the female had been taken from her puppies and was full of milk and miserable.  (Were her puppies dead–or just weaned very early?)  We don’t know and she can’t tell us. But we do know she is one of the sweetest little gals, who just wants loved.  We aren’t sure of her breed–she is on the small to medium side and is brindle in color.  Yes, she may have just a little pittie in her–but not much.

The male with her is a dark red brown Springer Spaniel.  He is a beauty–or should I say a very handsome Dude???? He appears to be under a year and both seem to have been family pets. They are friendly, non–aggressive to and love people. We will have their pictures very soon.  We haven’t given them names yet.  Any Ideas!!!!

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