Ready tor the Vendor Show???

Not really–need to take more pictures and decide who is going with us on the 21st. Oh, did I forget to mention that we will be attending a Vender show on Sat. April 21st at Dakota City, NE., fire hall?  We have never done this before, so I am a little taken back on what to do first to be prepared.

Well, I already made some delicious homemade dog treats.  We did a taste comparison and I feel the peanut butter ones were the most liked by our dogs.  I did make some bacon balls, so those will probably go quickly.also.

Back to the preparations—I will need to take pictures or copy and put descriptions with each dog for a photo album I want to take along. We are going to have several of the puppies there, and also one or 2 big Dogs.  I think that Sarge will be one going. He loves everyone—and should do well in a crowd. 

Better sign off and get busy on the photo albums. Hope to see you there—it starts at 9:00 on Sat. 21st.


Two Steps Forward——-One Back???

Sometimes we feel that way at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  Right now, we have too many big dogs, and need a way to move them to another area–where they may have a better chance at adoption.

But on the bright side–Bandit found his new forever home this week as well as Brownie.  Bandit’s family love him already–and hopefully Brownie will fit in to her family nicely also.

Then we received a new little gal.  She looks like she is around 5 months old. What a beauty with all 4 white socks.  Her name is Sonya and she is a orange color with a white blaze on her chest.  Better yet, she was in a home with children, so that is an extra plus. Will take pictures today and post one soon. Just wanted to keep you updated on our progress and get the word out about the beautiful big dogs we still have waiting for homes.