Sweet Little Gal—Can’t You Tell???

We named her Roxie, and she came to us from a nice lady, who knew she was in trouble.  She was full of fleas and ticks and pregnant.  Roxie was treated and bathed and is now waiting for the arrival of her puppies in a few days.  She is pretty thin, but hoping for a healthy delivery and some puppies that look like their Mama.

Roxie looks a little like a Westie Mix to us–but we never know.  Look for her picture and her puppies in the days ahead.Image


Zoey and Oliver—We have our Work Cut Out for Us!

What a sad sight! 2 little mangy puppies with bloated tummies were brought to 12 Hills this past weekend. They have been bathed, treated for mange and wormed.  Now, we just need to give them the extra care they need before they can go on to their new families. Watch for them in a few weeks–When they are all better, we will place them on facebookImageand petfinder.com

What Breed is Bella?

What breed is Bella? I guess it doesn’t matter to many people.  Picking out a family member at 12 Hills, isn’t usually breed specific.  A rescue like ours takes in mostly mixed breeds that have beenImageabandoned or surrendered.  Part of the time, the doggies are on death row when they come to us, or they are in need of some tender loving care. Bella looked a little rough when we got her. She had just weaned her puppies and was ready for some needed rest and good care.  Bella is looking great now, and is ready for her new family.  Even if we are unsure of her breed—she is a beauty.