Just because we are bigger, doesn’t mean we can’t be wonderful family dogs.  Gee, we have been waiting for the perfect family that will understand us. WHERE ARE THEY? Here are our pictures—call and ask about us and just maybe one of us will go home with you.

Her Face Says It All!

What a sweet gal—we named her Alice. Just one of the dogs at 12 Hills Dog Rescue that are waiting for new families. It has been so hot for all the dogs. It keeps us busy, filling water pans, baby pools, and checking to see how the dogs aImagere holding up in this heat.  Today I awoke to wet grass–it must have showered in the night. Yeah! Not much, but it seemed to energize the dogs this a.m.  Getting back to Alice–she is spayed and had her vaccinations. She has a mohawk scruff of hair on her neck. Otherwise, she looks exactly all yellow lab.  Call us if you want to meet her or her friends at 12 Hills.