Should We or Shouldn’t We??? Is Non-Profit the Way to Go?

12 Hills Dog Rescue is undecided about a non-profit status. We are going to do more research and then decide.  I guess it depends on the Animal Control part that we are involved in right now. It started with a grant and the object was to save the dogs in our community.  If we don’t continue we fear that the pound in our community will return to killing the dogs after a few days.  We have heard that we could be part profit and part non-profit.  Guess that is what we should look into in the next few days.  Grants are great to help out, but when they run out, you are on your own. Why does everything involve so much paperwork???Image

Can’t Believe the Fleas We are Seeing!

Just recently had 2 dogs arrive at the rescue covered in fleas.  The little puppy even had nests of fleas and eggs in his coat.  His ears were black and he had black spots all over.  A good flea bath and treatment and we discovered he was a white lab with pretty golden ears.

To keep fleas and ticks from your dog they need to be treated with a topical flea preventive. We use Frontline and it always seem to be the most reliable.  If you don’t have money for Frontline (it isn’t cheap), a good flea shampoo will also work. Using a flea comb afterward gets out those that you may have missed and the eggs. Look on the bottle to see when you will need to shampoo your pet again.  I am thinking it is 10 days.  Spraying the area where your dog lays is another way of keeping fleas at bay.  The yard, dog beds and rugs all should be treated. Running the flea comb through your dogs coat periodically is a great way to keep on top of the flea problem.  One flea in the comb–oops–time for another bath.