The Wild Ones Are Out and Being Socialized!

It was meant to be—Andre is the one socializing the 3 very shy puppies.  We had found them on the highway and brought them back to 12 Hills Rescue. They were hungry, scared and needing some tender loving care.  They were placed in an inside kennel for a few weeks and  yesterday moved them to the yard with Andre. It is ironic–because Andre was in the same stage about a month ago.  Dogs socializing dogs works wonders.

So look forward to seeing the 3 new ones in the near future!

I Love It–When a Plan Comes Together

Jack went home with his new family last night.  They had come to find a dog about 2 weeks ago and in the process they discovered Jack.  He is a Akita, Chow and German Shepherd mix.  He loves little ones and when they saw him kiss their 5 month old, they knew he was the one.  So, they went back home and started moving into their new place and when they were done–back they came for Jack.

He seemed to be happy when he left with them–except he was afraid of getting into the car.  He prefers the back seat and it was full of baby.  Anyway, we are thrilled to see Jack find such an awesome family and wishing them all the best in their new place and with their new dog.