Our First Adoption Option Day at TSC in Fremont

Saturday will be a big day for us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. We are loading up a group of doggies and heading to Tractor Supply at Fremont.  We have never done this before, so it is indeed exciting and a little scary at the same time. 

Questions are:  What do we take along?  Food, water, bowls, pens, paperwork–there is always paperwork. AND we plan to take our Look at Our Dogs book, so the public can see the dogs we have that need loving homes. 

I hope that the dogs are all adopted that day to loving furever homes! Is that being unrealistic or just positive?  Some may say I’m dreaming, but philoshony is hope for the best and expect it.  We may have a special visitor or 2 that day—we are hoping that Stevie from Stevie’s Furry Friends and his sister Ashleigh, and of course their Mom joins us there.  They will be bring treat bags for the dogs that are getting adopted. Not sure what is in them, but know they will each be special for the doggie.

So, if you aren’t doing anything special on Saturday the 29th—come to Frement TSC and look for 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

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