Another Exciting Adventure!

Saturday, Sept. 29th turned out to be an exciting day for dogs and volunteers alike.  We were invited to bring some of our dogs to TSC (Tractor Supply) in Fremont, NE.  We started a little later than we hoped, but had dogs, kids, adults, and everything packed.  EXCEPT the lunch that I left sitting in a cooler in our dining room.  Oh well, not a big deal—We were met by some of the staff at TSC and boy were we impressed. ALL of them were so friendly and so good to us.  A SPECIAL THANK-YOU to Beth, who went out of her way to see to our every need.

We took 7 dogs down —and one was adopted.  That may be disappointing to some, but we met new people and our name is out there in the Fremont community now.  We met some nice gals from the Arlington Vet Clinic. They were great neighbors and we hope to see them next time.  There were horse to ride and look at, and people to meet.

Stevie’s Furry Friends joined us for the day.  A special thanks to Stevie, Ashleigh, Dawn and Lynn for helping us network with people and sharing the fun day with us.  We hope we get to Tilden one on these days to see their animals on the farm.

Another new week is here–and another new adventure!  I wonder. . . . .

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