Road Trip With Some Doggies for Pet Day at TSC

Quite a road trip with 5 dogs, but we enjoyed our time at Tractor Supply in Fremont.  The employees there couldn’t be kinder to us and the dogs, and even better— they network.

Three grandchildren accompanied us, and helped by holding the leashes and caring for the bigger dogs.  The day was a little breezy and chilly, but we were able to meet some nice people and adopted out 1 puppy (Theodore) and Casper-(a collie mix).  What is neat about these “Pet Days” is that we are able to hand out our cards and invite people to visit 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

The next one we attend we will set up inside–so watch for us there in November!

Oh, and I can’t forget–I was excited to meet the Parrot Rescue person, Roberta. She works hard saving parrots and other birds that are neglected or surrendered.

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