Been Here For Some Time!

We have some doggies that have been waiting for a long time for their families. What should we do in a situation like this? We are a “No Kill” Rescue, and they stay until they are adopted, or another rescue takes them-(which doesn’t happen often). Here are some of the dogs that are still waiting.ImageThis is Pete. He is a wire-haired spaniel –that has been neutered. He loves people and enjoys scouting out the wildlife and hanging out with us on the farm. ImageLuLu Legs is another dog that is being overlooked.  She is 2 years old, and has been spayed, and had all vaccinations. Legs enjoys riding on the 4WD Mule when the dogs are out for their daily adventure.  She does well in the house, and is pretty low key to have around.  She has some collie in her background.  Just a great dog that needs the right family.ImageThis pretty gal was named Flora and is full of energy–and needs a family that likes active dogs.  Her coat is dense, and we are suspecting a little Akita in her background.  Flora is just about a year old, and needs to be spayed.  We have a special fee for her–for the right family!ImageThis is Harley! His brother Chico and him look so much alike they are hard to tell apart. We hope that they find a home soon. Chico and Harley, need to go to their new family together, so looking for a farm or acreage. They are sweet boys who are 2 1/2 years old and have been waiting for a long time.ImageOmaha is his name and he is close to 2 years of age. He has been neutered and is looking for a family with a nice backyard so that he can run and play with them. He has a handsome cream colored coat, with some chow in his background.

So that is all of the Close-ups for today! We have many more dogs–waiting! Look on, or 12 Hills Dog to learn more about 12 Hills Dog Rescue!

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