Running a dog rescue has its ups and downs. There is always plenty of hard work to do, but the end result is amazing! I am always overjoyed when a plan comes together. I mean the perfect dog for a particular family. Sometimes our dogs wait what seems like a long time for that to happen. I imagine to the dog, it seems even longer.

Case in point is the story of Oswald. He came to us, a little on the thin side, and at once we knew he was a special dog.  Oswald, or Ozzie as I call him is an Aussie Bulldog, white with brindle markings.  He was low key, loving and always minded his own business, when he was out in the exercise pen.  A few times he was allowed to go on the exercise run, but he enjoyed going over to our neighbors and visiting their dogs too much. So

He had great fun there wrestling with our poster gal “Clover”.
Well, to make a long story short and cut to the “happy ending”, Ozwald found his new family and is doing great! His new Mom told me that she dearly loves him, and we are thinking the feeling is mutual for Ozzie.
Amazing—story, and I could share more. Maybe I will post some of our successes soon.DSCN7707 (640x480)

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