I’ve Been Waiting!

I have been waiting for November to arrive. As many know November is “Adopt a Senior Dog Month.” Every day I have the opportunity to spend some special time with some of our senior dogs here at the rescue.  Let me tell you about why I think that Senior dogs should be considered when adopting.

  • They usually are done chewing the furniture
  • They are relaxing to hang out with
  • They don’t require that you take them out for long exercise sessions
  • They are more patient and less rowdy
  • House trained MOST of the time
  • They appreciate all you do for them

As I write this  story, a senior boy “Red” is sitting beside me asking for some special attention. Let me tell you a little about Red. He is a Collie/Shepherd mix and came to the rescue as a surrender. Red is around 8 or 9 years of age, and has a beautiful coat of hair, and a beautiful spirit. He was trained as a puppy and knows how to sit and shake and other commands. He has been neutered and is house trained. He does great in the house and I haven’t discovered any bad manners. Red enjoys coming and sitting by us when we are sitting in our recliners nightly. After having his ears rubbed and some petting for a few minutes he is content to lie down an just enjoy being with us. Here is a photo of him in the back yard shortly after he arrived. Isn’t he a handsome boy?


We also have Mugsy and Bear that are our seniors in the kennel.  They are really getting up there in age, and love any special attention they receive.

IMG_2214 (1024x1009)

Bear is 15 and is a chow mix. He wants a partner to ride with.

IMG_2190 (1024x987)

Mugsy is 11+ and partially deaf, but loves attention.

I am not sure why I have a special place in my heart for senior dogs. I just wish they could share their story and their wisdom.  Boomer and Max are part of our household, right now, and both are such characters. Max has to tell us nightly how happy he is with his Bassett bark, and Boomer looks at me with those big eyes with so much love. He so appreciates that we rescued him.


IMG_2178 (732x1024)


Last, but not least — we have Rose–one of our first rescues. Chuck found her almost dead in our hay bales. It was bitter cold, she was starving and had 2 bullets in her.  She has been with us ever since.  She has her aches and pains, but she will be with us till the end. She is a very special girl.

So, these are just some of the Seniors that cross our path, as we run this rescue. I have heard all the reasons, people choose not to adopt seniors. One reason, is it is too hard to lose them.  But the benefits of adopting a senior dog, and giving them a happy home for a  few years or even a few months is a very rewarding. They deserve that much!

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