A Heart of Gold

As I decorate the tree and see all the colors come together, the gold seems to stand out and shine above them all.  I thought of our special girl Royal, (we call her Roy), who has a heart of gold.  She is a shiny example of “it’s what’s inside that counts.” Let me tell you about Roy!

She came to us from a local animal control.  They brought us 3 dogs that day, and they were all large sized and males, or so we thought. Chuck named her Roy (didn’t look close) and I named the others Rocky and Rusty.  The next thing I know Chuck informs me Roy is a female and guess we should change her name to Royal. Well, our Vet enjoyed the story, and said he thought Roy fit her just fine.

But, let me get back to Roy’s heart of gold.  First, I should tell you that basically she is considered a 3 legged dog. She had been injured (probably hit by a car), and it was never fixed properly.  After taking her to the Vet, it was decided that because it was an old injury, it may cause more problems to try and fix it with surgery.  Royal runs and walks with a wiggle, but doesn’t show any signs of pain.

So, Roy is considered special needs to those who may want to adopt her. She is actually “Very Special” to everyone she comes to know.  Chuck saw it right away, telling Brenda and I what a great dog she was.  This week we brought her into our house and Roy is doing awesome! She is totally house trained and does great with the other doggies.

Why do we put the term special needs on the dogs that are less than perfect in body? I guess it is to inform you, potential families, that they may need some extra understanding, and sometimes medical attention.  I would rather just say–special, because that truly describes them. I know the term, special, describes Roy perfectly. When she lays her head on my knee and looks up with those big beautiful eyes, I see a very special girl with a HEART OF GOLD.

Roy is available for adoption, to a family that will love and care for her–and can see the special girl she truly is! The girl with the HEART OF GOLD!


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