Our Christmas Letter


Looking back isn’t always the right way to focus on the future, but when you run a dog rescue it puts everything into perspective.  We have had a great year–with wonderful dogs that have found homes.  We have met some wonderful families, have great caring Vets and staff, and some dedicated volunteers.  I could continue the list, but then I wouldn’t have the space to share some photos of our doggies.

Peaches is pictured on our card this year—and I for one think she was one of our special adoptions for the year.  After waiting for 5 years, she found a wonderful home and is happy and healthier than she ever.
But then there is Donnie, who after a horrible injury, found “just the right home!”

We continue to have great dogs here at the rescue. Some will be here for life–and others just here for a short time while they wait for their forever family.  So many beautiful dogs–I wish I could share all the pictures. Here are just a few . . .

So many blessings—All of us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue wish you a Merry Christmas!

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