Adopt a Senior Month!

What age is senior to you?  Being a senior has some perks for humans, such as a discount at the movies or restaurants.  But, being a senior dog is a little different.  Some people shy away from senior dogs.  The excuses are: I can’t take it when I lose them, it’s too heartbreaking for me.  I want a puppy so I can train them from an early age.  I’m afraid that there will be too many vet visits with a senior dog.

Giving a home and love to a senior dog for the last few years of their lives–is very rewarding.

Max is one of the senior dogs that lives at the rescue.  Max is a prime example of a senior dog. I promised his family that I would keep him here at the rescue, until he passed on.  We laugh at him daily. He is at least 11 years, and he still runs, bays and plays with a ball.  Sometimes he talks a little too much, but that is Max.

20170917_121115 (1024x768)

This is Max on his adventure. He needed help to get on the seat, but he has fun outside with the dogs and following everyone around.

Some of the senior dogs here that are still waiting for their families are. Lady, Dusty, Dot..Dot, Elvis and Samantha.

Here are photos of each of them, and if you are interested in adopting a senior dog, then give us a call.


This is Lady–she is 7 or 8 years, and was used for breeding. She would make a great companion dog for someone.

20171002_130533 (768x1024)

This is Dusty. He is so sweet. A big boy who loves hanging out with you. 7 or 8 years!

2671_1491609375072 (1024x768)

This is Dot…Dot. He has gotten so chunky. Just doesn’t get enough exercise.  A great dog, that needs a home. 7 years!


This is Elvis and Samantha. They love to be called Elvi and Sammy.  Both were in rough shape when they came here. They are both over 7 years old.  Great little lap dogs–and they have a story to tell.


And last is my personal sweetheart “Lover Boy !” He has been waiting so long for the right family to come along. He is over 7 years now and when he wags his tail, he moves his entire body. He loves walks and likes to be talked to.  A great doggie!

My next post may be sharing about the puppies we have at the rescue, -but don’t forget the senior dogs out there.  They have so much love and devotion to give. It would be a blessing for them to spend the rest of their days with a loving family.




What’s In A Name?

I sometimes wonder what people are thinking when they name their dogs.  I happen to think that naming your dog, like naming your child, should take some thought. Perhaps the name should either match the dog’s personality, or at least the color.

I think Coco, is a great name, but shouldn’t the dog at be the color of cocoa, or at least brown? One of our senior rescues is a small “cream” colored Pekinese, and the other is a Chinese crested black and white in color.

Well, I guess, it doesn’t matter to either of the Coco’s, as they both seem to know and respond to their names, but sometimes I just think too much.

What is in a name anyway? Who am I to judge? I just named 4 of our 5 week old puppies after the “Ninja Turtles!”  What was I thinking??? And I am not even going to tell you what I named the other 3 puppies.  You will have to keep watch see for yourself.

Here Coco—come and get it!!!!IMG_3391 (1024x682)IMG_3358 (1024x682)

Could It Be—Jealousy?

Poor Blue, our very handsome boy seems to be the object of bullying, here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue. I never really thought about dogs being bullies before, but I think that is what is happening.
You see, Blue is a very handsome dog—part pit—with a shiny dark brown coat and huge ears. Besides his handsome appearance, he has a puppy attitude and a loving personality.

Most of the dogs really like him, but then there are a few of the males, that seem to think he is their whipping boy. He doesn’t deserve to be treated that way, when all he wants is to run and play and make friends with all the other doggies here.

As I was cleaning the kennels on Sunday (that’s where I think deep thoughts), it occurred to me, that it must be his muscular body,shiny coat and pleasing personality, that gets him in trouble. Or maybe it is his big beautiful ears. I guess, that bullying occurs everywhere–even at dog rescues.

We are hoping that he finds a loving family soon. H

We love your ears, Blue!

We love your ears, Blue!

He deserves it

Back In the Groove

Fall is fast approaching–even though the weather has been hot and humid, the colors here on the Brigg’s farm are changing. The lush green colors are gone, to be replaced with faded green, yellow and brown.
Autumn or Fall–as I call ii is my favorite time of the year. It is also a time that we use to prepare for the upcoming cold and snowy season that follows.
What does that have to do with a dog rescue? Getting our numbers down before winter is something we always dream about and this year, we are hoping that it really happens. Having a rescue, here on the farm, means that we have to live “rescue and dogs”–24/7.
Recently we read an article about a shelter housing over 60 dogs—with 30 volunteers. How blessed they are, to have all that help! We have close to 60 and sometimes more. There are only 3 of us running the rescue.

As the days and evening cool down, we need to get back in the groove, and accomplish some items we placed on hold during this long, hot summer. Painting the kennel office walls, floor, and storage building, are just a few of the items Chuck has for us to accomplish, before winter is upon us. Then there is the daily cleaning of the kennels and one on one care of the doggies here.
Back in the groove, may be a sixties comment to some people, but to us it means—lots of hard work—with the special dogs that we have been given to care for. Want to volunteer to help out this fall? Just give us a call, or email us. We are also on Facebook and have our own website,
DSCN8254 (640x480)

Some Very Nice Dogs!

ImageWe have some great dogs at the rescue waiting for Spring to arrive. The picture above is Stu—he is 7 months old, full of playfulness and very loving.  He has a cute little overbite and we are thinking some Pekinese is in his background.  We also have Pete—a wire haired male of about 2 years. He is such a nice boy–and is on the list also to be neutered. Here is his picture,ImageNova is a handsome dog and has lots of energy to run or jog with.  He is a year old now and is ready to go.  In this picture he looks like he is smiling.Image His girlfriend is Sheba and she is quite the character. Loves to play ball and enjoys running and hanging out with you.  She is a year also, and on the list to be spayed.ImageOzzie—is such a nice boy. He is a 2 year old Aussie Bulldog and is so well mannered and kind.  He is tired of the kennel and wants to be out and about exploring.  ImageLover Boy is one of my special favorites. He came here so thin and beat up, that we didn’t recognize his breed.  Now he is happy and healthy and just wants a family that will make special time for him. When he wags his tail, his entire body moves.ImageCallie is quite the gal—a 3 year old yellow lab/Toller mix.  That breed is used for duck hunting, although I am not sure if I spelled it correctly.  We haven’t taken her hunting, but know she loves to be with people and is very sweet.ImageThen we have a boy or I should say young man that needs a home desperately. Blue is a pit–and is such a nice boy. Because of his breed, no one is beating down the door to adopt him, and of course, we need to be extra diligent when adopting his breed of dog.  Blue is a year old now, and loves people and most dogs. He has been neutered and has had all vaccinations. He would be a great dog to have on an acreage or in the country.ImageBlondie is one of our special needs dogs that will hopefully find a new home soon. His right front shoulder doesn’t work correctly, because of an injury–but he does great on 3 legs–can spin and jump and play– and wants a family that can look beyond his disability.  Blondie would make a great dog for someone with a big back yard.ImageBear–what a name for such a small dog.  Bear is almost 2 years old (we think)—and has lots of energy.  She would make a great dog for an active family.  She is a tough little gal–and if she doesn’t like another dog–watch out!ImageEmerson and Jerry are both nice boys and seem to get overlooked all the time.  They both appear to be part Heeler or cattle dog. Emerson has a very deep bark–which almost sound like a hound. Regardless They are great dogs, and both need families. A farm, acreage or even a big back yard, would make them happy. Here is Emerson—and then Jerry!ImageImagePage is another dog that is overlooked constantly. She is 2 years old now and has decided she wants her new family this Spring. She is part Bassett and very loving when she knows you.  She should probably be in a family with older children or adults, as she is a little insecure around children.ImageOmaha—named after the people of the Omaha tribe–is a great looking dog, and has really calmed down after he was neutered.  He would probably do better if he was the only dog, or with another female. He is part chow and the rest is up to your imagination.ImageWell, I could go on and on about each and every dog. I have left out Chloe the Lab/boxer mix, and Jimmy, and Maggie Mae and Marmaduke, Buddy–Pearl–and Sophie—Oh no–absolutely need to share Sophie. Had her since she was 5 or 6 weeks and she was run over a week or so before coming here. Has a leg shorter than the other on the back and a cropped tail, but that doesn’t stop her from prancing around and showing everyone how beautiful she is.  She is a year now and I call her Sophie–Bug! What great kisses she shares with me.  A little shy around people, but given the chance, she will love you forever.  Yes, she is considered special needs—but does wonderful.ImageHere is she–now tell me she isn’t a beauty!

Shoes that Feel Good

Shoes??? Why am I talking about shoes?  I had another one of my light bulb moments—and it all started with shoes.

My daughter-in-law, Deanna was walking to our shed, and I remarked about her new shoes.  She said, “These aren’t new, but I love wearing them. So comfortable—and I can wear them all day.” “They just feel good on my feet.”

Now, I am not trying to compare doggies with shoes, so don’t get started. But, think about it.  The dog or pet of any kind should fit you. Your life style, your family, your home, etc.  And. . . . sometimes shoes need to be worn for awhile to make them feel comfortable on your feet.   So, in a way, I am comparing dogs to shoes.

Before you bring a dog into your family, you need to go over some basic facts.

  • Do I have time for a new member of the family?
  • Is my life style busy, quiet?
  • Am I patient enough for a work in progress dog, or do I need one that has no issues. Adult or puppy??

These are just a few of the questions that should come up before you adopt, or bring in a dog, into your family.  Rescue dogs are usually a little different. Just as some shoes need to be broken in when new, dogs  need time to mold to your family and way of life.  They need time to trust you, and sometimes it takes a few weeks, and even a few months.  During that time, patience and love should be administered every day. 

So, what am I saying??? Ask yourself some questions, before you adopt.  Do I have time for a dog in our household? Do I need a dog for comfort, or one that is very active to match my lifestyle?  Do I have the patience needed to work with the issues that I might encounter with a rescue dog? 

Just like buying a new pair of shoes—they should “Feel Good.”

ImageHere is Linus–He is an example of a dog that needs time and patience.  It takes him some time to warm up to you–and he feels safer with teens and adults, especially women. And. . . having another dog in the family makes him feel more comfortable.



Is the term “Back in the Groove” outdated? I suppose there is a new line that I should be using to explain my weekend.  Just returned home from Family Church camp. We call it Reunion–as we see old friends and make new ones each year.  Had a great time and refreshed my body and my spirit.

Anyway, I guess I am rested–today after the kennel chores I took time to spend time with a number of the dogs.  Bathed little Albert–he is recovering from the mange. He looks an Akita, but seems pretty small yet.  I am not sure that the name Albert fits him—maybe A.J. would be better.  He is about 8 weeks old and is going to be a great looking puppy when he is recovered. 

I cleaned the back yard and fixed the outside shed for the puppies.  They love the stairs to their loft. We still need to fix the window with a screen, paint the shed, and run electric so they can have a fan.  All in time, I guess! 

While I was back there–spent some time with April (a lab mix puppy about 4 months old) She is very active, and shows lots of potential.  Sally Sue–a  female Jack Russell is is 3 months old. She is adorable, with a brown face and cute markings.   Judy is growing and filling out as well as Trudy. (Both look like Corgi mixes.)  Sophie was very happy to see me and followed me–sitting patiently until I petted her.  I wonder why noone has called to meet her?  She is a wonderful Rottie/Husky mix and even thought I have her listed as special needs, she gets along well.

When I arrived home I found that Shorty had been neutered–Glady’s spayed–Both Andre and Kayne neutered also.  Sometime it seems like our trips to the Vet takes up much of our days.  Getting back to Shorty–he is a Chiweenie! I am not sure how you spell it, but a chihuahua and dachshund. He is quite the character.  Both him and Oscar (a poodle/chihuahua) like to argue over who can get closer to me. 

I could go on and on about the day spent with the dogs, but my bed is calling for me.  I hope that those out there that read my blog will take time to look on for more information about the dogs. This picture is Judy–she is a little bigger now.Image

I Wonder???

I wonder, do dogs get the winter blahs? Especially those waiting for their forever families? I know that the cold and grey days of winter can take its toll on people. I am a sunshine person, and after a few rainy days or grey days I feel the blahs coming on.  At 12 Hills the dogs get their exercise every day.  Last night when Chuck took the 16 out for their nightly run, I just shook my head.  The dogs were even ready to come in and go to their heated kennels. Sometimes my husband amazes me with his dedication to the dogs we find.  All sizes, shapes and breeds—it doesn’t matter, he does his best to make their stay a good one, and to help them prepare for their new families.

Yes, I do think dogs get the winter blahs, They need an extra love pat, a hug, maybe a biscuit and some kind words. It doesn’t take much and they love it all.  Wouldn’t it be great if people were more

Fluffy is ready for some lovin!

Fluffy is ready for some lovin!

like that?

This Time of Year We Consider our Blessings

Here on the farm–where 12 Hills Dog Rescue is located–we are so thankful for the year 2012. Not only the blessings we have received as a family, but as owners and operators of 12 Hills.

I was looking at my Facebook page and so many are saying what they are thankful for each day of the month. I look out my window and see all the blessings given to us from our Creator.  I also see all the doggies that need homes yet.  Sometimes being a dog rescue is very overwhelming. It seems to take first place over other organizations and causes.  The reason is because, these dogs count on us to feed, care  and love them, every day. There are no days off–they have to eat–their kennels cleaned, etc. It is OK though, we love what we are doing–and we will continue as long as we can. Now to get back to the thankfulness of this message.

ImageWe are so thankful, that God put this mission on our hearts, and that we have met so many wonderful people this past year.  We can’t begin to name all of them.  The great people that adopted our dogs comes to mind. So many nice families have come through here this year. To date we have adopted out almost 150 dogs to good families so far and the year isn’t over yet.  What a wonderful blessing that is!!

So, even if we didn’t name you personally, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the blessings we have been given from each of you.  Thank–you for Caring and Sharing in 2012!

Rocket—-The Italian Greyhound

Just was on a website that had tons of information about Italian Greyhounds. I wanted to make sure that when Rocket finds his forever home, it will be exactly the right one for him.  Rocket came to us from a local Animal Control.  He was picked up and his family didn’t pay the fine that would have gotten him home.  That is a familiar story here at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.  We named this little guy, Rocket because he was so fast.  A beautiful boy, black and white and 12″ at the front shoulder. Rocket was neutered recently and has had all his vaccinations.  He still is a little thin, but know the breed is supposed to be on the slim and trim side.

Rocket is close to 2 years and is very lovable and likes to sit on your lap and give hugs and kisses.  He needs a home where he can get his daily exercise, but still be where it is warm when cold weather comes.  He needs a home with a family that understands this breed and all that is unique about them.  We want him to go to his new family before it gets much colder. If you like Italian Greyhounds–call us at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.


Just because we are bigger, doesn’t mean we can’t be wonderful family dogs.  Gee, we have been waiting for the perfect family that will understand us. WHERE ARE THEY? Here are our pictures—call and ask about us and just maybe one of us will go home with you.

What a Nice Guy!

Blackie is one of those dogs that you can rave about.  He came to 12 Hills Dog Rescue several months ago. He had been picked up by animal control, and no one came to claim him.  Why?? He is a loving, loyal and gets along great with all the other dogs here.  He would make a great family dog, and very loyal.  Why does he get overlooked? Maybe I am not doing my job telling everyone and showing his beauty.  So here he is Blackie, the Husky/Chow.Image

Ready tor the Vendor Show???

Not really–need to take more pictures and decide who is going with us on the 21st. Oh, did I forget to mention that we will be attending a Vender show on Sat. April 21st at Dakota City, NE., fire hall?  We have never done this before, so I am a little taken back on what to do first to be prepared.

Well, I already made some delicious homemade dog treats.  We did a taste comparison and I feel the peanut butter ones were the most liked by our dogs.  I did make some bacon balls, so those will probably go quickly.also.

Back to the preparations—I will need to take pictures or copy and put descriptions with each dog for a photo album I want to take along. We are going to have several of the puppies there, and also one or 2 big Dogs.  I think that Sarge will be one going. He loves everyone—and should do well in a crowd. 

Better sign off and get busy on the photo albums. Hope to see you there—it starts at 9:00 on Sat. 21st.

Is It Time Yet?? Is ItTime Yet?? Come on–we are Ready for our Run!

When the dogs come out of their kennels, they are ready for their daily exercise. (We call it their run).  They love following Chuck with his 4-WD Mule to the highest hill on our farm. Their they romp and play and wrestle, and then come back and sit beside him for extra attention. How does he do it?? I don’t know, but he manages to give each dog special time and they look forward to it every day. When they arrive back to the kennels, they will be clean and fresh dog food waiting for each of them.  Image

On this day, he wasn’t quite ready to go, but you can see by the picture, they are more than ready!

Taking a Break from Chasing the Balls

Are they taking a break, or just watching all the fun.  Some dogs just aren’t sure what to do with the ball.  Oh well, it is just fine to sit on the sidelines and cheer the others on. It was fun watching the dogs chase the tennis balls, as they rolled on the hill. Not many of our dogs retrieved, but Lola, the female black Lab, did awesome.  She would have fun playing with a family with frisbee or tennis ball.

The day was sunny and so beautiful! The dogs and volunteers had a great time. You can see Benjie, Ginger and Kasey watching the fun.

Just Because They Care

Had 2 wonderful visits this weekend from a Mom and her teenage boy. They came bringing a gift of 200# of Diamond Dog Food for the rescue.  We gave them the LOUD tour and Joe took pictures and made a video for his U-Tube account.  They brushed and petted and talked to the dogs and just spent special time with some of them. 

They didn’t want another dog–they have an older dog and 2 cats, but wanted to show us support.  After they left we talked about how great it is to have people in our lives that are so caring. 

Two hours later, they came back with 2 bags of tennis balls and the fun was on.  I guess you can tell the “Real Retrievers” when you throw out a ball. Had several that played and many just watched.  Anyway, it was a special day for the dogs and for us—-Image Thanks to Michelle and Joey!

Beautiful–Inside and Out

The big boy finally has had a chance to prove himself, and did he ever! 

Sarge came to us a few months ago. He is a gorgeous Red Australian Shepherd/Akita mix.  Was surprises us is his sweet personality.  He doesn’t push his weight around with the other dogs, but is good with everyone.  He even likes to play with Peaches our pittie. 

What was really the best test of all is when he climbed up on the bench beside a 10 year old girl this weekend. He snuggled with her and laid his head or her shoulder.  We knew he was a great dog, but didn’t realize that he loved kids. 

Sarge has been neutered and had all his vaccinations, and weighs around 75#. He needs to run off some of the weight he gained over the winter months. ImageHe is ready for a family with kids or without—Just needs space to run and play and someone to love him the way he should be loved.

He is just a great dog and we are hoping he gets the chance to prove it to a loving family soon.


Beautiful–Inside and Out

The big boy finally has had a chance to prove himself, and did he ever! 

Sarge came to us a few months ago. He is a gorgeous Red Australian Shepherd/Akita mix.  Was surprises us is his sweet personality.  He doesn’t push his weight around with the other dogs, but is good with everyone.  He even likes to play with Peaches our pittie. 

What was really the best test of all is when he climbed up on the bench beside a 10 year old girl this weekend. He snuggled with her and laid his head or her shoulder.  We knew he was a great dog, but didn’t realize that he loved kids. 

Sarge has been neutered and had all his vaccinations, and weighs around 75#. He needs to run off some of the weight he gained over the winter months. ImageHe is ready for a family with kids or without—Just needs space to run and play and someone to love him the way he should be loved.

He is just a great dog and we are hoping he gets the chance to prove it to a loving family soon.


Change Is Good!!!

Most of the time it is hard to make changes. Just as we need to eat better, exercise more, etc., some dogs find themselves needing to change.  That is the way it was with Lola.  What a story!  She came to us from a nearby animal control and had only a few days to live. We received a message asking us to take her and give her a chance.  SO WE DID!  At first she was a nightmare waiting to happen. Very loud and screaming bark—almost hysterical type of behavior.The good news is that Lola changed!!! And for the better!  She is a wonderful gal — she has been spending time in the house with us and the other dogs.  She isn’t wild, she isn’t  aggressive, she is calm and happy. What caused the big change in Lola?

  • She was let out of her 5′ x5′ kennel. (she doesn’t like kennels)
  • She was spayed —not long ago,
  • Given special attention

Now, you can find Lola calmly laying at our feet, or just walking around and greeting everyone.  The shiny black Labrador is truly a beautiful dog  inside and out. Here is a picture of her—Hope it show her beauty.

I'm Beautiful---Inside and Out!

Getting the Bugs Out????

What about bugs??? Shouldn’t be any in this cold weather. No, I am talking about our new 40′ x 60′ dog kennel. We have most of the kennels in, and yet still more work to do with plumbing, ventilation etc.  It is wonderful though, and the dogs are enjoying the heated floor. Actually had to turn the heat down, so they wouldn’t be too warm. We are learning about the changes that need to be made as we go, and it is going to be a great place for the dogs at 12 Hills Dog Rescue.

Of course most of the dogs that we moved are wondering “what is going on?”  It will take a few days for them to recognize their kennel spot in the new building.  What a blessing it has been to have good friends, good workers and good family.  They come through when you need them.  I will include a picture soon of the inside as well as the finished outside.

Hey, we actually have room for our tractor and cars in the machine shed now.  Things have a way of working out—and I am sure we will get all the little bugs out of the new kennel soon.

We are Blessed

This is the time of the year that we look back and count our blessings. 12 Hills has had so many blessings this year, it is hard to count them all. We have been blessed with so many wonderful, loving dogs to care for. Dogs that needed love and some special attention., sometimes medical.  We have had some great volunteers this year. From a local 4-H club to a young Mom who did our photography and this blog. Family–who pitch in weekly to help in various ways. Note the picture of our granddaughter who worked almost every day this summer. Friends have made posters, given supplies. Then there have been those who have adopted our dogs–shared their talents with homemade blankets, kerchiefs, and even monies to help purchase supplies.  Last our new fixture, Brenda . . . she works over her allotted time and goes the extra distance for each one of the dogs. Yes, we have had our hands full.  Sometimes, we wanted to even throw our hands up—but in the end, WE ARE BLESSED!

Look at the Newest Puppies

What cute little things they are. So bright eyed and fat with beautiful thick white hair.  Their Mom is a Lab mix and we think these are labs also.  Some are light tan and others have tan spots on top of the white coat.  They are only 3 weeks old—so need to wait a few more weeks before placing them on our adoption list.  Will keep you posted of their progress.

Little Visitor

I brought my toddler over to the rescue this morning when I needed to bring some pictures by. I’m not sure who had more fun, him or the dogs! The dogs were so excited to have a little person to play with and covered him in slimy dog kisses. He just stood there and alternated barking and giggling. Many of the dogs proved how well they can do with small children. It was a fun little outing for us!


Looking out the window together


Doggie kisses!

Volunteers at the Rescue!

The local 4-H club worked here yesterday. Nola talked to the kids about the purpose of the rescue and why she does it. She shared some of the dogs’ stories with the kids and told them how hard the rescue works to get them healthy and find them new homes.


Nola talking to the 4-Hers

The 4-Hers came to the rescue to groom and play with the dogs. The kids had a blast cuddling, chasing and brushing them! It was so much fun watching the excitement on the kids’ faces. The dogs were all very patient with the kids. Some of the kids were a bit rough, but the dogs stayed calm.


Holding one of the dogs

After the kids had some time to get to know some of the dogs, she got them all set to walking and brushing. I’m not sure who was having more fun; the kids or the dogs! The dogs’ tails were all wagging and the kids were smiling and laughing.


Brushing a dog


Brushing a dog together

Watching the kids walking dogs was a little like watching a rodeo. Some kids were running with a dog in tow. Others were being dragged behind dogs. Nobody seemed to be bothered by being pulled, though. The kids who were being dragged were so proud that they were “walking” the dogs!


Walking a dog


Carrying a puppy because he didn't want to walk

One of the dogs is going to her forever home tomorrow and desperately needed a bath. She’s pretty afraid of people, so Nola hadn’t been able to give her a thorough bath yet. We got her cleaned up and one of the girls snuggled her in a towel until she was dry. She looked so much better when she was clean!


Snuggling a dog after her bath

Before they headed back home, I gathered everybody together for a picture. The kids each grabbed a dog and we let the others run around in the group and posed under the rescue’s sign. I got a great picture of them. I think the kids had a great time helping out.


The whole group with the dogs