Update from 12 Hills Dog Rescue—-Everything is on Hold!!!

Well, here we go–our first crisis involving funds for our rescue.  With the crops frying in the field and no rain, we cannot afford to spay and neuter any dogs for awhile.  We did 9 last month, and it pretty much drained the 12 Hills Dog Rescue account.  We will need to save our monies for food for the ones we still have.

So things are tight here, and we hope new families will adopt the doggies as they are.  We have so many sweet dogs that are very social.  This week we rescued 3 puppies that look like they are 3 months of age.  They were dumped, full of ticks and starving.  We are still trying to catch the last one, and the extreme hot weather makes it worse.  This is a picture of the little Apple heads that we took in last week. They are adorable and their hair is growing back.  They still need another week or 2, and then ready for their new families.Image,

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