Another one of Chuck’s Picks!

Lucy is adorable, full of energy, loves everyone and needs a family. She could use a family with active children that like to run and play, throw the ball, swim—whatever!  She is ready for the adventure. 

Let me tell you about Lucy–she is about 6 months old and has shiny jet black hair. She is all Lab, (we are thinking) and she is healthy and just an all around great dog.  Well, we let her out of the kennel–and who did she run to?? Guess?  Chuck again! How does he do it?  She adores him and is by his side when he is outside.  She is very loyal and sweet, and Chuck said, “Now that Lucy, she is a sweetie.” It won’t be long and she will be riding in the seat next to him on the Mule (that’s our 4 wheeler). But first she will have to wait her turn. Usually Page or Kelly have that spot for now. 

Take a close look at Lucy, or better yet, come and meet her. AND THAT IS WHY LUCY IS ONE OF “CHUCK’S PICKS”

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