It is Almost Time

Time for Buttons to go to the special Vet and have her surgery. We were waiting until she was a little older.  Buttons is a special girl with special needs.  She has 2 hernias, so will need to fix them and get her spayed all in the same day. Poor little thing, I can’t bear to think of her at the hospital having her surgery.  Oh well, I know Buttons will bounce right back–she is so full of energy, and can I say this? Naughty to boot!  Buttons wants to have you hold her, then chews on your hand. She is a character! When Stevie and family (from Stevie’s Furry Friends) were here, she even fetched the ball for the kids. Now that is a dog!  Buttons only weighs about 10#, but that 10# is a ball of fun and will make some family very happy. Watch for Buttons in the near future and I will try and keep everyone updated on how her surgery goes.Image

One thought on “It is Almost Time

  1. Update on Buttons! She was adopted–she had surgery and the hernia’s weren’t bad at all. (Blessing) She is with a wonderful family and we have heard the Queen of the house.

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