Mr. Personality!

That describes Bugsy to a T. He has the cutest face and a personality to boot. He thinks he is a BIG dog and loves to go to Sammy’s kennel and bug him. Sammy doesn’t care for Bugsy, and no one knows for sure, but I believe it is the slight smell of sheep that Bugsy still has on his coat. I noticed when I bathed him he smelled a little different. That is because he had wandered on a farm that had sheep, and was interested in what they were doing there. Thanks to Lisa, who locked him in a sheep pen until we could get there to pick him up.

Bugsy loves to play and wrestle with us, and seems to be saying, “Hey, look at me, I’m a fun guy!” He weighs around 25# and has coarse longer hair. Not sure of his breed, but he has does have those great big eyes. Whatever his breed, we know that Bugsy would be a great dog for a family. He still needs to be neutered and have his rabies vaccination, but otherwise is just waiting around for his new family to take him home.

If you want to meet this special guy–just give us a ring at 402-846-5100.

How Do I Look Now!

How Do I Look Now!

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