It Will Be A BLUE Christmas Without You

If Blue could sing, I imagine he would be singing, “It will be a blue Christmas without you.” Blue has waited so long. If I looked on the calendar, I would say he has been waiting for over 2 years for that wonderful home. He came to us as a puppy. You would be shocked, to see the pictures we have of what he looked like then. He was full of mange and starving, and look at him now.

We love your ears, Blue!

We love your ears, Blue!

Actually, that picture was taken awhile ago, but he is even more handsome and more muscled now. Blue may be a strong dog, but he is a big baby, and some of the other dogs, seem to sense that. When he is out of his kennel with them, he gets picked on. So, usually we only let him and a couple of his close buddies out at the same time.
Blue is a lover–not a fighter, so the story that all Pits are vicious is just not true. He loves to romp and play and of course, playing with people is what he enjoys the most.
So, if you like the breed, and looking for a new family member, just call us and come on and meet Blue. He has been waiting for too long.

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