Falling Through the Cracks

It’s time to post another article about a couple of our doggies.
I will begin with Iris. She is a great gal. She weighs around 30# and is loyal and loving.She has some pug in her background, as you can tell from her eyes. Iris came to us from a nearby community, complete with several puppies. She was a great Mama, but now her babies are off and she is looking for another adventure.
Iris loves the farm, and enjoys riding the the 4WD Mule with Chuck whenever she can. It seems that she is always overlooked when people are here at the rescue, looking for their new family member. Maybe because she is a little bigger than the small dogs, and too small for a large dog. Maybe, it is her black shiny coat with the white blaze. Maybe, they just haven’t seen her special personality shine through. Whatever the reason, Iris is still waiting for that special family to open up their hearts and make her part of their family.
So, if you are not sure what type of dog you want to adopt, and still thinking about it. Think about Iris!
DSCN8240 (640x480)

Pearl—is a loyal and loving! Pearl came to us through animal control, and has been overlooked for some time. She is a large dog, weighing around 60#. She has a cream coat and a black mask on her face. Pearl would be good on an acreage, or with a large back yard. She would be great to take jogging or as a running partner. Pearl has also had a litter of puppies, but that was a year ago, and she is ready to start the adventure with a family to love. Take a second look at Pearl if you like large dogs—She deserves a chance!
DSCN8234 (640x480)

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