Clover–Our Mascot–No More

Yes, Our special “poster girl & mascot” crossed the Rainbow bridge in February.  I have struggled writing this story, but I need to share it with you. Clover was one of the most special dogs I have come across.

She arrived at the rescue close to 9 years ago. She was a puppy that was so sick with mange and starvation, that it took almost 6 months of special care for her to heal.  But she did heal and we knew that she had to be our poster girl and mascot. She needed to show the public that mange can be cured, without putting a dog down.

Clover lived most of her life with our son and his family across the road from us.  She took on the job of caring for his 3 smaller doggies, and would make sure that no big dogs entered the yard to bother them.  She was loving, sweet and calm, and it was a very sad day for our family when she crossed that rainbow bridge.

Looking back–she had a job to do, and she did it so well.  Clover you were so loved—thank you for being “our special gal!”20171105_185016(1) (768x1024)


“Love is in the Air”

Typically, February is considered the month of love! Sweet valentines, chocolate are seen everywhere we go.  It is also a good month to remind everyone that doggies need love too!

I considered posting all the photos of the doggies that found families this month, but decided I should focus on the ones still waiting—waiting for find the love and family they deserve.

Some of the dogs at the rescue are here because their family couldn’t keep them for various reasons. Some are here because they have been neglected. Others have been abused.

Taffy is a prime example of a neglected/abused dog.  She came here so thin she could barely stand, and she had puppies to care for.  Look at her now–she is so healthy and ready for that special “loving family.”  Taffy may look a little intimidating when you first meet her, but she truly loves people, loves her belly rubbed, loves to go on walks and runs.  She loves to snuggle and if she could fit, I bet should would sit on your lap.

2749_1517688926797 This is Taffy, snuggling with one of our volunteers. She just wants someone to love.

What about a young dog named Lacey. She has one gorgeous blue eye and we put her down as Australian Shepherd mix.  What do you think?

20180124_123851 (1024x768)

Gracie is another one that is here and begging for love and attention. She is a young dog, and has so much energy–like most hounds do.  She could use a home with special love and attention.



If you prefer senior dogs we have a nice German shepherd gal who has been waiting.  Her name is Lady and she follows Brenda and Chuck around in the kennel. Looking for companionship & love.


Annie would love to have a family.  She has been waiting and waiting for just the right one.

2278_1482071284230 (768x1024)

We have Lola–a sweet dog that has suffered abuse.  She needs sweet words and kindness and lots of hugs.


These are just a few of the gals here at the rescue that aren’t looking for roses, chocolates or cards. They are looking for loving families.  Are you one of those?


Happy Endings

Wow—what a month, and January isn’t even over yet! We have had a number of dogs brought in that were abandoned or surrendered, sick puppies–and to top it off , we have had a couple dogs returned that were devastated—I hope things look up soon!

Did I mention that Brownie and Frieda are due to have puppies any day? Yes, we also have at least 2 pregnant females at the rescue.  Well, all I can say is, most of this is normal for a rescue or shelter. But, sometimes it wears you down, especially during cold weather. So, if you could, we would appreciate some kind thoughts, a prayer for the rescue and maybe even a volunteer or two.

I know things are looking up–and good things do happen during all this craziness.  During one of the coldest nights of the year, someone dumped 8 small dogs to die on a country road about 20 miles from us. It was close to 10 p.m and our warm bed was waiting. BUT, a kind man loaded them up and took them to our grandson–who brought them here. The story did have a happy ending. Since we were full, our friends at the Siouxland Humane Society came down the next day and took 6 of them. Those 6 have found good homes.

We kept 2 of the 8 here at the rescue. The little gal (Maisie) is being fostered until she is ready.  The small beagle mix, Leary (his new name) found a wonderful home.  Here is a photo of Leary with his new dad. We heard that he is doing great!


Now, lets talk about Betty–she was brought back–Her new mom loved her, but we heard she didn’t like her grown-up children. Very sad–for them both. Betty sat in front of the glass porch door for hours, waiting, after she was brought back. The good news is that Betty is house-trained, and does great with all the dogs here, and new people that come in are no problem.  Betty just needs a happy ending!


And–more good news–the puppies that were under the weather are all better and waiting for their forever homes.  Here are photos of some of them.

So we hope that 2018 provides us with more opportunities for “happy endings.” Let’s think positive, shall we?

Who Rescues Who?

This week we received some photos and a short message from a woman who had adopted one of our rescue dogs 5 years ago. She wrote, something like this; “Thank-you for Brandi, she saved me.”  I know this woman’s story, and yes, Brandi did save her.  Many times the dogs who need to be rescued, end up rescuing their new family.  Bah-Hum-Bug you say. Well, it’s true. I have story after story where a dog or a cat helped a family with grief, depression, loneliness, etc.  Brandi is just one of the stories. Here are the new photos of Brandi.  She looks so loved and happy.

Brandi            Brandi 2

I believe dogs that have been rescued know what it is like to be lonely, scared, hungry, unloved. When they find that special family to love them, they form a bond that cannot be broken.

We have heard all the reasons why someone doesn’t want their dog, or have returned a dog they have adopted. Sometimes, the family and the dog just don’t fit.  So, they come to 12 Hills Dog Rescue and we begin the process of emotional healing for that dog. Here are several of the dogs that are healing and waiting to rescue their family.

Suzy Q is an Australian Cattle dog mix that came here as a rescue.  She was adopted to a nice family, but she didn’t get along with the other dog at their home..  We are not sure why,  but something just didn’t click for her.  After returning we found that she loves to ride on the 4 wd Mule while Chuck is working on the farm and feeding the dogs.  She stays close while outside and doesn’t bother anything.  So, we are thinking that Suzy Q just needs a farm buddy to bond with.  Someone she can hang around with and maybe ride with in a truck. She is a working dog, and needs a job to do, and she needs to feel important and appreciated. 2272_1509840377806 (969x1024).jpg

Now let me tell you about Lizzie!  A super great gal, that is also needs “just the right home!”  She was adopted to an older couple, but she didn’t seem to like it there.  We think she needs an active family with children to play with.  She also needs a fenced yard, so she doesn’t go off searching for new friends. Lizzie is a border collie mix and is spayed and house trained, etc. She is just needs the right family that she can rescue. Here is a photo of her.20171214_102153 (1024x768)

I can’t end this post with saying a little about my friend, Dusty.  The sadness and mourning this dog went through when brought here, almost broke our hearts. After 7 years, just not wanted anymore.  I know that somewhere there is a family waiting to be rescued by Dusty.

20171002_130533 (768x1024)

Do you need rescued?  If you do, don’t rush–think it through–and a special dog will be there for YOU!



Is It Over Yet?

WOW! What a month! October is “Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Month”, so I have been sharing some of the dogs that have been brought to the rescue in hopes of generating more adoptions.  We have had a few, but we need more people to meet and adopt some of our special dogs.  Betty found her forever home this week, and  we hope it works out for both of them.  Betty is such a sweet gal, and has been overlooked for some time.  I teared up just a little when she placed her head on her new mom’s knee and looked up at her.  It was worth it all to see Betty excited and happy.              20171025_101003

Then there was Sox–who found a wonderful home with a young couple.

              20171021_141328 (768x1024)

We have had a few young ones come in this month. Caesar is getting adopted today and we still have Sadie, who is 4 months of age, and Pearl who appears to be 5 months.  Both girls will be large dogs, and have very sweet personalities.  This is Sadie–It isn’t the best photo, but it shows her coloring. She was very thin and scared when she came here, but is beginning to gain after some tender loving care.  Watch for photos of Pearl soon!


This month we received a very sweet lab mix gal and her four 10 day old puppies.  She is medium sized and very happy to be here.  I named her “Joy.”  We will be posting photos of Joy and her puppies in the next few weeks.

The last several months 3 severe cases of mange and neglect were brought to the rescue. Elvis and Sammy are coming along, and looking better everyday.  Fritz, a little black puppy was in very bad condition when he arrived. He is a work in progress and is receiving the treatment and love he needs.  Watch for  photos and a story in November.

So, as I wrap up my short stories for October, I just want to say—through all the hard work and sometimes tears, “It is worth it all!”




A Day In the Life of a Shelter

October is adopt a dog from a shelter month, and this month we have gotten a number of dogs that have needed special care.  This little guy arrived yesterday, and is a prime example of one of those needing special care.

20171024_115132 (768x1024)

I named him Fritz—and he looks pitiful doesn’t he? Usually it takes close to a month of loving care, and and we should see a huge difference. You can’t tell his breed right now, but we were told he is a shepherd.  If all goes well with his treatment, we will be posting photos of Fritz in a few weeks, and you can see for yourself.  Rescue dogs are great dogs! They just need love, care and a opportunity to share their love with a forever family.

As for other dogs that needed special care this month–we have Elvis and Sammy, that are on the road to recovery.  They both are small breed dogs that have lots of love to give.   Watch for their photos in the next few weeks!

Another Sweet Gal!

Speaking of black dogs–we have a honey here at the rescue that has a black coat, tinged with brown.  She appears to be a lab/Chesapeake mix.  Merci is a gorgeous gal with the softest coat. She is close to a year now and has been spayed and has all her vaccinations.  She seems to be getting overlooked when families come to the rescue. But then I could say that happens to a number of dogs here. She is loving and friendly–and likes to be the center of attention.

Merci is very smart and with a little training would be responding to commands in no time.  The photos were taken last week.  I’m not sure they show her beauty. I think this is a dog, you need to touch and take out for a walk and see what you think.

She is a winner!

20171007_144327 (1024x768)